Java Barcamp Paris 4 : Spring3

I first decided to attend the Spring3 session at javacampparis4. I was curious as to what is would bring over spring 2.5 and I wanted to discuss the missing generic DAO for hibernate forcing each project to reinvent the wheel. The main new feature of Spring 3 seems to be native REST support, even though it doesn't conform to the JAX-RS specification, which became a major discussion point. There was also some discussion around the arrival of EL in the spring3 config files allowing easier and cleaner management of instanciation time variables (basically PropertyPlaceHolder on steroids). We finally discussed the pros and cons of adding an generic DAO for hibernate and/or for other database access methods.

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Luc Bizeul a dit…

Salut, la prochaine édition des JavaCampParis aura lieu le 27 août : http://barcamp.org/JavaCampParis5 en espérant t'y voir, en attendant n'hésite pas à diffuser l'info :)